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flower fridays

April 19, 2013

can you believe i am saying flowers? it seems like the rest of the country is enjoying sunny weather, beautiful springs and enjoying flip flops... where us in minnesota have not even been teased with spring..  being a spring baby, i have always been antsy for spring to come in time for my birthday,  full of tulips, sunshine, spring jackets and brown turning into green.. well yesterday we were surprised (not really...the weatherman was actually right this time) and we got dumped with 10 fresh inches of white snow!! wet, sloppy, heavy snow!!  it started with lovely rain and sleet.. so it made for very slow & slippery driving last night.. thank god for my 4wd because i do not like winter driving..  here are some pictures i snapped outside my house..

yep... the boots came back out from storage. i had all of my winter boots, coat & sweaters packed away.... i guess a bit too soon! they are very needed today!!

here are the flowers for today... i can admire pictures for now... these are monal daffodils!! i have never heard or seen them before the macys flower show we attended..  they are just like normal (well what is normal to me) yellow daffodils,  which i would like to be seeing outside my door right now, but instead they are orange and yellow..  how fun!!!  i think this fall i might need to be on the look out for these and plant some for next spring!!!

hope you are staying safe and warm..  so many scary events have been happening in america this week..  give your loved ones an extra hug today & enjoy every moment you have together..  my prayers are with all of those in boston and texas.

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