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I am glad you found my blog! I live in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis and love it!! I have always loved having a creative outlook but when I married my husband in 2011 & had my own house to decorate I realized how much I love crafts, décor and vintage inspired charm.

I have an obsession with the Food Network and gawking at cook books, once I was on my own I really started to love cooking myself. I often add my own ingredients or try new twists on recipes. I hope to share with you some family favorite recipes as well as some experiments and how they turn out!

I grew up an avid traveler and hope to continue that throughout my life. I love being introduced to new cultures and seeing new places. I think so many life stories & adventures come from traveling the world.

I recently bought myself my first “fancy” camera and am dabbling in the world of photography. Hopefully I can capture everything to share with you.

I hope you enjoy my journal on the internet, my photos and my stories!! 
Feel free to leave comments and email me!

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