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ready for spring

April 6, 2013

is spring here yet??? i am so antsy to be outside in the sunshine and not have to wear a thick coat.
downtown macys right now has there annual flower show!! my mom, sister and i went to check it out. this year it was inspired by south asia. it was full of gorgeous flowers, bright colors and the room smelled amazing!!! i wanted to steal every flower and bring them to my house so it can smell that lovely.

aren't these mini pineapples adorable!!! if only i could grow them in minnesota.

tulips are my favorite flowers!!! maybe my garden will look like this in a few weeks. they are so beautiful!!

i have always had a flower garden, which i love! every year on mothers day my mom, sister and i buy all of our flowers & seeds and go to each of our houses to plant them. last year i made a very small vegetable garden to test out how they grew & if i liked it... turns out i loved it!!! i had so many pea pods, jalapenos, zucchinis and tomatoes!!! this year i decided i wanted to have a real veggie garden of size. its going to take some work to till up the yard (in that spot), get good dirt down and then plant my veggies but i am so excited.

i have heard that with vegetable gardens it is good to start the seeds indoors and move the plants out. so that's what i did!! i planted 5 weeks before mothers day so they have time to grow indoors. my plants are growing like crazy already and its only been a week! i made sure to pick all things that can be grown in containers & the other things i can plant later.

we'll see what they look like in a month!! i have spinach, lettuce, white onion, green onion, broccoli, sweet peppers, jalapenos, arugula, basil, oregano and parsley growing already.  i can't wait to put them outside with tomatoes, pea pods, carrots and other great veggies to have all summer!

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