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little one on the way

June 9, 2014

i am so blessed to have friends and family who are ecstatic like me for this little baby that's on his way.  they decided to have a baby shower... well showers... to celebrate with me!!  i am so grateful for everything they have done and cannot wait to someday have a shower for them as well!!  

my purdue girlfriends outdid themselves!!  they had a boiler up baby shower for me while they were all in town.  it was so adorable and i had a lot of fun reminiscing on our purdue days, talking about the baby and everything else going on in each of our lives.  

they had the cutest boilermaker details!!  everything was gold and black.  the food & drink were all themed after our favorite places on campus.  we had pita pit for lunch (i was obsessed with this in west lafayette!!)  den pop's were the cheapest and largest pops ever... we frequently went to get these with some scrounged up change. insomnia cookies were a senior year thing, they were not near our apartment but warm cookies could be delivered anywhere on campus 24 hours a day - that equals bad news! harrys & fiesta burritos were just purdue deliciousness.  harrys was a bar... i actually don't think i ever ate anything there besides free popcorn and fiesta had enchilada style burritos. only lindsay & i appreciated these but they were amazing!! i wish they had these in minnesota. all the food themes and details were so cute to make it feel like a boilermaker experience!! 

the same weekend my minnesota girlfriends had a joint shower for us three preggos. it was 'you are my sunshine' themed and everything turned out adorable as well. with two boys and one girl on the way they went with a gender neutral theme which was perfect and 'sunny' for the spring time.  it even worked out that it was a really sunny nice day and people were finally starting to get into yard work & outside projects. 

below was the adorable drops of sunshine party favor that everyone got who attended.  i love them!! 

everything was so bright, vibrant and fresh!!  i loved the yellow and white colors everywhere and you can never go wrong with delicious egg bakes, fruit and breakfast sweets.  all was great!! 

we all got such sweet and thoughtful gifts!!  homemade quilts, the teeniest toms, my crib sheets and much much more.  i love it all!! getting some of the baby's stuff situated in the nursery makes it all come together that much more.  i cannot believe this little guy will be here in less than 9 weeks!! 

all of the wonderful hostesses with the three mom-to-bes.  it was so much fun!!! i am grateful for each of these women and love the friendships we have.  i am looking forward to our children all being best friends, play date pals, and cousins.  it is going to be such an exciting summer for all of us!! 

minnesota fun fridays 2014

June 6, 2014

my first fun friday post of 2014 summer!!!  this year might be different with babies and pregnancy but we are going to do our best to still have lots of fun filled friday adventures. last friday we made our way down to rice park... a picturesque park in st. paul between the xcel energy center & the famous st. paul hotel.  it is my favorite place in the winter time because the trees are perfectly glowing with white christmas lights and soft snow.  but in the summer it is a cute little park with trees, benches and currently the peanuts gang all dolled up in their all star game attire.  they are only there for a couple more weeks before they make there way to the convention center before the big game at target field in july.  my mom and i went around to snap some pics with each person!!  of course snoopy is my favorite... but there wasn't very many snoopys (i guess dogs don't make good clothing models?!?!)  peanuts are always a commonly used figure in minnesota because the great charles schulz was born & raised in minneapolis (fun fact)

hope you are out enjoying the friday sunshine!!  

flower friday

lilacs smell so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-mazing right now!!! i loved having these light purple blooms around my house this week.  if only they would bloom for triple the amount of time. one rainstorm comes through and the rest of them in our yard are gone.  so sad! until next year beautiful

right now this pitiful pot has got me stumped.  how sad!!! i have no idea what happened!!! this is the sweet potato vine plant i already had to replace from the frost so possibly that happened to this too? who knows.  i definitely gave it some TLC that didn't work.  i stopped at my favorite greenhouse on my way to work this morning to pick up a new one. i dont think there is any hope saving this little guy.....  :( 

the same pot of the other side is still looking great though!! 

the rest of my garden is still growing great!!  the petunias are starting to get bigger... not to the extent of last year but it is still really early.  i love all the pops of color.  i can't wait for more to bloom and get much larger! 

i can't get enough of these purple panies!!! the colors are so bright and much prettier than they ever looked last summer. i think they must like all of the rain we got earlier this week!!! 

the veggies are still pretty puny!  but all in all they are growing so i just have to have some patience

this is what i am most excited for!! PEONIES!! they have to bloom soon.  i love love LOVE hot pink and baby pink ... well any color for that matter of peonies.  they don't smell like lilacs but the blooms can't be beat all over the house and in the garden.  yayyyyy!! lets hope they pop their pretty selves open before my anniversary on wednesday!