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gettin back to foodie club

May 1, 2014

we finally started foodie club again after a long sad break.... busy schedules, holidays, babies and life got in our way for way too long so we are & ready for more!  april's foodie club was 'made from scratch'... it was supposed to be geared towards healthy/organic recipes but mostly people just made things from scratch, not necessarily organic or healthy. but thats ok!  nevertheless it was nice to get together, have some girl talk and see everyone.  plus.. my sister hosted so everyone got to see her beautiful new house!!

we definitely had quite the combo of food!! i made jalapeno black bean sliders.  i got a great homemade bun recipe from my aunt that was delicious.  i definitely need to make those again cause they were a hit and easy peesy...just took time.  on top of the buns i had a lime yogurt sauce.  this added a little zest but also eased the jalapeno spiciness at the same time.  the black bean patty was made of obviously black beans, white rice (you could also use brown or quinoa), jalapenos finely diced (i used frozen ones from my garden last summer), cumin, salt and pepper! pretty easy!! topped with a big chunk of yummy avocado.  delishhhhh!!! i loved them! even greg liked them so that is a hit at our house... he typically doesn't go for meatless meals. 

among the smorgasbord of food we had a delicious 'salad bar' with homemade greek dressing & homemade ranch.  it included all the yummies of a great salad bar like sugar snap peas, cucumbers, multi-colored peppers, tomatoes and cheese plus homemade croutons which were outta this world  i love homemade croutons...i really should make those more often because they are so good!  

among the other food, my sister made homemade cheezits!! i do not know how i forgot to snap a pic of those little squares of goodness. they were comparable to cheezits but not the same... very delicious though.  i mean... i would eat them again and again :)  she made whole wheat & white flour ones.  it was interesting to compare the two.   typically i dont mind wheat flour in breads but prefer white in my baked goods.  i liked the whole wheat cheezits better but that might of had to do with the added salt on top... cheezits need that salty satisfying feature i think.  yum!  we had soft, gooey, yummy sugar cookies which i highly enjoyed and homemade pineapple frozen yogurt which was... ehhh.... not good.  i think something got added wrong or did not mix well because it was not right.  yikes!! we each ate the pineapple & left the yogurt sourness to dispose. 

all in all foodie club was a hit!!  fun to be back together and fun to try new recipes whether they worked out or not.  we'll see what the next months bring us!!  

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