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a very hungry caterpillar

April 21, 2014

my sister's due date is just around the corner and that means time for baby showers!!!!  i love showers, parties, babies and especially planning!!! i decided to have a baby shower in honor of her little baby girl on the way.  i am beyond excited to be a first time auntie.  i cannot wait to snuggle with her, love her a ton and completely spoil her rotten... that's an aunt's job right?  i wish she would come now, but i guess i can hold out for another five weeks.

we decided to have a very hungry caterpillar themed shower based off of the fabulous children's book by eric carle.  i grew up reading a million bazillion kids books and always thought eric carle was known by everyone.  i think he is well known but to my surprise not everyone knew of the book.  but never the less i got a ton of compliments on the theme.  it was very fun to plan a shower with bright greens and reds.  we centered the decorations around the lime & apple green caterpillar with lots and lots of polka dots.  i found a lot of brilliant caterpillar parties on pinterest...mostly little kid birthday parties but a few showers as well.  i took a few ideas and stirred some up of my own to create a great event for my sister.  my favorite site for adorable party supplies is shop sweet lulu but there is so many cute ones out there and target is upping their party section as well. i think the main thing for me is picking the theme or look you want & sticking to it!

i decided name tags were a wise idea for this shower because of a lot of people who maybe met once or did not know each other were attending.  this way people didn't have to do the awkward "whats your name again...." thing that i hate.  on top of that i planned a baby picture game where you needed to know names & faces to guess who's picture belonged to who!

desserts!! you cannot go to a baby shower without some delicious sweets, right?! this was my first experience making cake pops... thank goodness i have a sweet husband who helped a lot- well he made them for me.  i think he did a great job!!!

here is our baby guessing game!!!  each person got a sheet with a bank of names & numbered lines.  they each needed to guess who's picture belonged to who.  i thought the game turned out to be very fun!!! below is the adorable mama-to-be as a baby...i wonder if her little one will look like her???

the food was so fun!!  i love food prepping for parties.  we tried to stick to everything green, caterpillar looking and light for a lunch crowd.  i made three kinds of wraps all in spinach green tortillas.  we made chicken caesar, greek chicken and turkey with swiss. along with that we had fruit kabobs,  broccoli salad,  mediterranean zucchini salad & orzo pesto salad.  

it was such a fun shower and i wish i could do it all over again!  i love party planning and i love my sissy more so putting those together makes for a fun time.  i cannot wait to share more great experiences this little girl is bound to bring our family!! 

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