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flower fridays!

May 30, 2014

hi all!

can you believe it is already the last weekend of may!!?? sunday is officially june first.  this spring is flying by!!!  i have lots of fun blogs to post your way but i thought i should start some flower fridays again because my garden is planted & actually starting to grow a little.  

i planted my flowers, like always, on mothers day with my mom and sister.  we lucked out that the rain held off that sunday and we got all of gardens and pots planted.  my garden is getting more and more perennials every year, which is nice.  my sister does not have a garden yet at her new house so we planted all of her pots to add some color to the front of her new house & gravel drive way.  unfortunately we got one more really cold night after mothers day and i already had to replace one sweet potato vine that i put in my green pot on my deck.  i was not sure what happened to it because this is my first attempt at sweet potato vines.  i love the big lime green leaves they have & the long vines they grow as the summer goes on.  after asking at the flower shop i was informed it was the cold night... oh well... one plant isn't too bad.  and its back looking pretty again!!

i put yellow dahlias in my pots this year instead of hot pink like last year.  i think they are so bright and the color pops!!  i love them already!!! 

this extremely large leafy green plant is my rhubbarb!!!  i need to pick some before it is no good anymore... i dont know what i am going to make yet.  my dad made us strawberry rhubarb pie last sunday & strawberry rhubarb jam so i feel like i should do something different.  i might just freeze it until raspberry picking season & then make my own jam or dessert.... we'll see!!  

here is my flower garden!!  excuse the little grasses & weeds... i need to get in there tomorrow morning and do some work.  i love the variety of pink petunias in the front of the garden so i planted those again... i used different varieties & shades from last year but i love them!!! on the left i planted multicolored snapdragons... those are still pretty small with no blooms yet. 

these are cherry zinnias... it was a new variety offered at the greenhouse so i wanted to give it a try.  i think they are going to be beautiful all summer.  the new blooms are bright pink and the older ones fade to a lighter shade.  it kind of gives off an ombre affect that i am liking so far.

across is my very tiny (for now) veggies!!  i planted a lot of the same but also put some new things in it this year.  after my very first vegetable garden attempt last year i changed a few things up from mistakes i made.  i tried to put plants in more logical spots so fingers crossed it all works out and everything has room to grow this year.  i left the packaged next to each planted seeds just until the sprouts came through the dirt... this way i knew where everything is, what it is and i do not pick anything thinking it is a weed!   

along the white fence we planted green beans in a row.  i am hoping since they get so tall they have space there and support if they need it.  along the back (the deck) are my tomato plants again.  i got new, much stronger, tomato stakes but i have not put them in yet.  i am waiting for the plants to get a little larger. in front of those i planted an artichoke!!  this was new!!  i have never attempted that before but curiosity got the best of my mom & i so we thought we had to give it a go.  also jalapeno & banana peppers are in the back.

these three clumps of green are lettuce, arugula & spinach!    

this is my tiny little zucchini plant!!  greg was not too pleased that i planted this again... he thought we had zucchini growing out of our ears last summer but i loved it!!!  i found so many new recipes to try and i thought i had to give it a go again!!  

happy friday everyone!!  hope you have a fabulous sunny weekend!!  

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