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the great minnesota get together

September 5, 2013

every year the ten days before labor days is the great minnesota get together... also known as our state fair.  the minnesota state fair is the second largest in the country (behind texas) and has been a annual tradition for my entire life.  the fair is the one time a year for the best ever people watching, endless unhealthy eating and enjoying all things minnesota.  throughout the years i have found my favorite ever fair foods that are a must each year plus it is always fun to try something new for that year.  i think the best way to go through the fair is the share all of the food so you can try more and take breaks...it is a lot of walking and a long day so then you're not too hot, too full or too rushed.

this is my favorite fair food ever...i think!! gyros from the st. paul flatbread stand.  it is amazing!!! fresh flatbread, gyro meat, blazing salad & creamy garlic sauce. oooommmmggg!!!  thank god the fair is only once a year cause i seriously could eat this everyday.  it is that good! 

we had to make it into the food building for the annual cheese curds.  these are the most known fair food.  they are pretty delicious... but i am good with just a few.  i like to dose them in a lot of ketchup too.  we also hit up the new "hit" of 2013... mini donut beer!!  each day the ball park cafe had one keg of it and usually it was tapped within the hour.  we were lucky enough to get a cup.  it was seriously so good!  i am typically not a dark beer fan.. but this beer has cinnamon in it & the rim is dipped in brown sugar & cinnamon.  i proved you can't knock it til you try it!! i am a fan! 

dontcha know you have to get some walleye cakes!! : )  that is the minnesotan talk for ya...these walleye cakes are made from minnesotan walleye & mixed with some wild rice dipped in a nummy honey mustard. 

we of course had to participate in some fun tostinos party games to get a few free pizza rolls!! you can never go wrong with some delicious pizza rolls... tostinos brand only of course. one of the only few things i think you should be a brand snob about... others are just not the same.  and then there is the giant slide!!  a minnesota staple.  every year it is the same, 1 quick slide down...but so worth it!! it is so fun!!! where else can you slide down this giant thing with a potato sack underneath you?!?! 

the best new food is a must to try!!  deep fried olives.  i love olives!! 5 delicious green olives with cream cheese inside instead of the pimento then deep fried and served hot with a garlic sauce.  yum! worth the wait to give these a try

butter heads.... strange i know.  in minnesota 4-h girls can compete to be a princess at the fair & get your head carved from butter.  everyday a new girl gets carved inside the cold glass freezer with tons of people watching... this might be the oddest thing from the fair, but you can't break traditions and this is one. so year after year it goes on and i always have to check them out (even though they look about the same every year)

it was a very successful day at the fair!!! i am glad we picked a day when the heat wasn't a scorcher and we could enjoy the great minnesota get together!! until next year!! 

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