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old is new

August 27, 2013

this week has had its high highs and low lows... to begin, i dropped my phone in a toilet on friday.  not the best start to my weekend.  i was having such a great night because this awesome event we planned for work had an incredible turn out and beautiful weather & then dummy me puts my phone in my back pocket.  in doing this i lost all of my pictures of my zucchini crust pizza i made last week and many other fun snapshots i had from events going on.  moving on now... i had a productive weekend and got many "to-dos" accomplished that i had been wanting to do!!  i was given all of these rusty and nasty folding chairs.  ewww!! but they (were) are great chairs!!  the folding chairs i got recently are not nearly as sturdy or strong as these metal blue babes.  but i think they are worth saving.  it seems like whenever you need folding chairs there never seems to be enough!! why is that!!?? 

to begin i washed the chairs with strong water.  if you have a power washer i would definitely use that!! i do not so a regular garden hose on a strong setting works fine too.  wash off all of the dirt, spider webs (nasty) and hopefully loose rust pieces.  i left them set up to dry in the sunshine!  

after fully dried, whip them down trying to scrub off any rusty pieces. and start spraying!! i have found this rust-oleum brand of spray paint works the best (found at home depot).  it has a paint & primer combined and is thick enough to cover the chair well without the rust showing through. home depot carries a huge variety of fun colors too! 

spray a good layer all over about 6 inches from the surface of the chair. (if you spray too close up you get spray bubbles)  after you cover them completely let them dry.  walk away for ten minutes or so... watching paint dry doesn't pull out my patience card and then i end up with spray paint on myself. 

 once dry, flip them upside down and spray the remaining surfaces that still show. make sure you move around to all sides of the chair because there is probably some secret spot you missed. 

then leave them out to dry!!!  once they are completely dry all over add them to your collection of chairs!!  now i have a fun assortment of recycled folding chairs.  time to plan a party!!

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