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minnesota fridays

September 9, 2013

last week we got back at our minnesota fun fridays!!  this summer has really gotten away from us and with our busy schedules it has been hard to do a lot of minnesota fridays lately.  but we got a gorgeous friday at home and we headed to the capital city of st. paul.  

first we hit up the food trucks!!! since i don't work in the city i can't go to the food trucks as easily, so we decided why not get that since we will be nearby.  we of course had to each give something new a try! my mom got a jalapeno turkey wrap from twisted fork and caramelized brussel sprouts... yum!! the brussel sprouts were delicious!!! i got the caprese flatbread from messy guiseppe and steph got the meatball sub.  all of us were happy with our picks. 

after lunch we rented some nice ride bikes and went for a bike ride!! in st. paul there is awesome side walks and bike trails down by the mississippi river.  it was a perfect day for a bike ride!! i would definitely recommend the "nice rides" they are actually good bikes!! and the best part is how convenient they are... you can pick them up & drop them off at different locations. we picked ours up by the science museum biked down the river side and then dropped they off right there.  

 after an hour bike ride in 90 degree heat we thought it would be nice to cool off with a caribou and some a/c!  sitting is never as entertaining as playing some hang man of course!! haha. 

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