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being patriotic

September 12, 2013

yesterday was september 11th... i think that will forever be one of those days that are meaningful to every american no matter if you were affected by the tragedy or not.  last night steph, my mom and i had tickets to see michael buble!!!!  we decided to get to downtown st. paul early to grab dinner and walk around the city.  it turned out to be extra special because we walked past all of the military statues, the minnesota capital and historical sites.  

the capital and cathedral looked extra pretty on a clear night!! 

i am not ready for these perfect cool summer nights to done for the year... 

amazing concert!!!! i have turned from a fan of michael buble to loving him!!!! he was an awesome performer and hilarious.... who know michael buble was funny!?? i sure didn't!!  if he is coming to your town you definitely should get some tickets quick before they are all gone. 

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