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May 15, 2013

this morning was my end of the year party for a program i have luckily been apart of for the last school year..  i volunteered to be a mentor to a middle school girl..  we meet once a month with the girls discussing certain topics such as peer pressures, the upcoming year in high school, futures, bullying and whatever is on her mind that particular day..  i made friends with my sweet girl and throughout the course of the year she has impacted me as much as i think i did to her..  she is such kind person and has a great head on her shoulders for everything she has to go through on a daily basis..  i pray she has a bright future and continues in a positive path.

today we had a mexican fiesta party... nothing like quesadillas and tacos at 9 in the morning right?!  we played games, chatted and said our goodbyes..  as our farewell gifts we gave them mirrors that each day they can look into and remind themselves of their beauty & know it comes from within..  each mentee put a favorite quote or saying they liked on it. although this was a gift for someone else i think it is always a good reminder for anyone to do the same..  it is so easy to look at yourself and think negative thoughts based on how you are feeling that day-  but try each morning to turn those into positive morning thoughts and your day will always start brightly.

"never let anyone dull your sparkle"

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