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flower fridays

May 15, 2013

my garden is planted!!! this has been the WEIRDEST weather week of any minnesota may!!! seriously!! last weekend it frosted overnight and i was worried about my plants being outside... then 2 days later we are crushing heat records!!! what is happening!!???

my plants are looking pretty wimpy right now because they need to grow... but i love to see the progress all summer long..  i still haven't planted my veggie garden but that is on the immediate to-do list!!

and my tulip (just one so far) has bloomed!!!! tulips are my favorite flowers!!! i love them!!!

these are my 2 tall pots on my deck (my only pots)... i think they look gorgeous this year! lets hope i can keep everything growing!!

and here is the garden!!! to the left are snapdragon, the front center all kinds of petunias & to the right a bunch of zinnias..  in the middle is a mix of sedum, hosta, daffodils and other perrenials i have added over time.

i also transferred some of my grandma's rhubarb to my house!! my sister is moving and wanted to keep this..   so i am going to grow it this year and split it for her whenever she gets into her new place!!

do you see that!!??? 100 degrees on may 13th... this is crazy!! and my a/c in my car decided it doesn't want to turn on... oh the joys of owning a car!!

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