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flower fridays

May 31, 2013

this is really more of a garden post... but either way its about plants!!  i finally planted my vegetable garden!! so far it is pretty much bare because the seeds haven't started to grow.  we have had an endless week (once again) of rain,  so i am hoping some sunshine this weekend will help everything grow!!

this is my clean slate... we tilled up all of the grass and added some dirt, so i am hoping the plants can grow!!

i put everything in place and rearranged a couple times... but i think it is set!!


after everything was planted i made these cute little plant markers to place next to each thing... that way in the mean time i know which plant is which!!  i looked around for markers to buy but so many are so large & obvious looking,  i liked this idea because they are subtle & small. 

i think they turned out cute!!  now if the plants would start to grow...  : ) 

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