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bbq foodie club

June 3, 2013

last week was our may's foodie club!  this month the theme was backyard bbq!!  perfect timing because everyone seems all about grilling, being outside and patio time.  it was very fun!!  everyone brought something different and everything was delicious!!

steph made these adorable corn on the cob cupcakes!! so cute to bring to any bbq or summer party.  they are made from vanilla cupcakes, frosting dyed yellow, yellow & white "kernel" jelly beans and a yellow smooched "butter" starburst. 

she also made corn on the cob with an assortment of different butters for on top.  we all learned a new cob cooking technique that is great for large groups!!  you put boiling water & the corn into a cooler for 30 minutes (without opening it!!!) and it is all cooked!!  make sure the corn is completely covered in water.  this ghetto cooler needed to be taped down because the steam was seeping out of the creases. haha!!

"creamy wag" dip and veggie pizza... yumm!!

nothing like a backyard bbq without grilling food!! 

 i made philly kebabs!! definitely going to make those again.  i marinated the steak overnight in a worcestershire sauce, garlic, seasoned salt & pepper.  it was really good!!  the steak is cut very thin "philly style" and accordion-ed on the skewers with green pepper & white onion.  make sure the pre-soak the skewers in water so they do not burn on the grill.  after they grilled a little i melted provolone cheese on top!!  so delicious!!! to go with i made a horsey sauce.

doesn't that look amazing!?!? delicious food, sun beaming down and a glass of wine.  its summer time!!

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