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soakin up that sun

April 30, 2013

holy moly it has been gorgeous out!!!  this past weekend i was only inside to sleep...  i could not take being inside when it was so warm and sunny outside..  our early winter and late spring can really get to you and it makes the warmth even sweeter..  i think this is the first warm warm weather we have had in what seems like 6 months..  this weekend minneapolis hit 81 degrees--oh yeahhhh!!!  i ran outside around lake nokomis,  walked with my sister (and her dog bailey of course), enjoyed happy hour on the patio with my girlfriends, lunch on the patio and also dinner on our deck! soo much outside time!!! i enjoyed every second of warmth and even a little pink nose now..

enjoyed every bit of my feet up and a good book on the deck!!! what a great friday afternoon before happy hour with the girls!! we had sushi on the roof top : ) so fun!!

it was a gorgeous saturday!!! 81 degrees sure does a number to the icy lake...

pizza outside!! the line was out the door because i think so many people knew patio dining was too good to pass up!!! well worth the wait : )

by monday all of that ice was melted and gone away!!! another gorgeous night for being outside and some grilling!!

i can't get enough of this!!! if only it would stay warm for good now!!  i hope you got outside and enjoyed the sunshine as much as i did!! 

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