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flower fridays

April 26, 2013

the sun is shining and it is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend!!!  i am so pumped to be outside!!!!  i think it might be a little early to get into the garden or do any planting,  but hopefully i can go walk around the lakes  (lake nokomis is my favorite running spot in the summer time!!) , clean up the packed down brown plants that are now showing from the snow melting away and do whatever i can to be outside!!!

maybe by next week we will have green grass, tulips popping up and the sand sweepers will come by my house... i can dream right?!?!  it has to be coming soon though!!

my flower today is a an orchid!!  so beautiful!!  i have never had one before and they seem different to care for..  i got this plant as a birthday present and i love it!!  i was told to place it in a spot that it can stay & not move it all around your house..  this is difficult for me because i redecorate or rearrange my decor all the time!!  especially this time of year when their is no holiday to decorate for, i get tired of the same stuff in the same places..  so..  i picked a spot in our mudroom where i can see it when i walk into the house & it can bring some color into that room..

hopefully i can keep it alive and blooming for a long time!!!  if you have any tips for me i would appreciate them!

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