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birthday celebration

April 4, 2013

yesterday was my dad's birthday!
we took him to the twins vs detroit baseball game!! it is the opening series but the second home game of the year... and it felt like it! brrr... it was about 45 degrees with a chilly breeze!!! i had such a hard time deciding what to wear because i wanted to wear my winter coat, but i have to wear sports attire to sporting events!! that's just me. so i wore a long sleeve, sweatshirt and vest all stuffed under my sparkly twins jersey! the twins were not looking too great for most of the game, but i think they warmed up and ended up winning the game in the 9th inning. i think the big W was for my dad!

after the game we walked over the smack shack!!! a new restaurant to minneapolis, but not new food. it is known for there food truck in the summer time with the tasty lobster rolls. we went on opening weekend and thought my dad would love it so we went back. it was very fun!! everyone had the lobster boil except my brother-in-law q and i. i had the newcastle battered perch sandwich. o.m.g! it is delicious! i am not really one to ordered fried fish very often.. but this one is delicious! first of all it is battered in newcastle beer and then the sandwich has cabbage that isn't to mayonaisey (i dont like that), tomato, cucumber and the best part is the whole grain mustard tartar sauce. yum! and beforehand we had oysters and lobster guacamole appetizers. that was also delish! 

the lobster bibs are lovely huh!?!? they are not required for sandwiches like mine! below is the lobster boiler... it was very cool. i wonder how many lobsters they go through in 1 day??? 

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