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my week in pictures

April 25, 2013


i had a crazy busy week scheduled and sunday night i started to feel under the weather.... great!  it sure will knock you down and tell you that life needs to slow down a bit!!

even though it is APRIL and we are getting inches & inches of fresh snow... monday morning was gorgeous!! these are the pretty snow covered trees outside of my window..  i love the sun shining brightly through... now if only that sun would warm up & melt it all away,  i would love that. 

this was my view from my couch on monday & tuesday as i was laying sick... no fun.. but at least it was a pretty sight!!  lots of naps and food network,  i think i am good for a very long time now..  i am too antsy to be sick.

last saturday i went to my first ever minnesota swarm game!!  how fun!!! i did not expect so many people to be at a professional lacrosse game,  but it was packed!!  i definitely think i will try to go back next season  (this was the last game of the year...)

sunday night out with a dear friend!  so fun catch up on everything!! 

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