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my birthday!

April 10, 2013

this has been a whirlwind of a week... yesterday was my 26th birthday!!! i am so spoiled and blessed to have everything i have in my life!!

last weekend i celebrated with some great friends, since hey... birthdays on tuesdays are really exciting! we tried out the new hello pizza in edina..  it was nothing like i expected but so fun! the pizza was delicious, the wine tasted a little too good and they have a photo booth to document your visit!! so fun! afterwards we went bowling and drinking.. it was a great night!

 yesterday... on my actual birthday, i felt like a princess!! in the morning greg and i went to the gym together, he gave me my presents early & we got caribou! yum... of course being a minnesota girl i love caribou coffee!!

 i am one lucky duckie!!! at work we had build your own salad bar with seriously ALL the fixings!! it was amazing!! i had my favorite homeade caesar salad with teriyaki chicken. and after that deliciousness we had a homeade fruit trifle! just looking at this again makes me mouth water, it was so yummy!

after work i went out to dinner with my family to the new burch steak in uptown. one of my favorite things is trying new restaurants.. i loved the setting, it was very cool!! i loved the setting more than the food... it was good though! fun to try! i had salmon with marinated artichokes on top, it was a different salmon dish and tasty! i would definitely go back and try the pizzas...some of them looked very intriguing! after dinner we went back to steph & q's for dessert and birthday presents.. the end of a wonderful birthday!!

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