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flower fridays

April 12, 2013

this week has turned from alllllmost spring to a white winter again. i think the entire country is getting tropical warm weather and minnesota is taking steps back into the tundra. where is spring? even if you thought you had tulips bulbs popping out... they are now covered by inches & inches of white fluffy snow!!

luckily i have some parents & godparents who love me and gave me beautiful flowers for my birthday this week!!

this is a gorgeous hot pink ranunculus!! it almost looks like belle's rose (i love disney). it is a plant so hopefully in a month or so i can transfer it into my garden & keep it blooming all summer long.

these blooms are brightening my life in my office everyday! i love fresh flowers!!!

hopefully the coming weeks i can continue my flower fridays with updates & tips on my upcoming projects, the beautiful blooms and of course my first attempt at a real veggie garden. i hope you enjoy!!

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