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last calligraphy

April 3, 2013

last night was my final night of calligraphy. i am sad it is over!!! steph and i had our usual pre-calligraphy dinner at punch pizza. yum!! again i got the silciana pizza with mushrooms & sun dried tomatoes... it doesn't get any better than that. we went a little early to stop in the art supply store to get different colors of ink & a new pad of paper... hopefully this will keep us motivated to keep trying new fonts and keep practicing!!

 first we learned lower case majescules and how to change letters up a bit so they do not run into each other. it was interesting!! i love how you can just change letters how you want to make them fit and look pretty. there are really no rules.. you can just change any letter or fonts if you like something else better.

next we got to spend the remainder of class gawking over all of judith's brilliant calligraphy pieces she had made in the past! she has done numerous wedding invitations, newspapers, menus and stuff for the capital. it was all beautiful.
we also got to try out all of her different nibs, or calligraphy tips, inks and fun tools. it definitely got me wanting to go shopping and buy more stuff to keep trying! it was all so fun!!

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