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see ya snow!

March 11, 2014

this winter has been the coldest and snowiest in a long time, it feels like!!! i am not a meteorologist and i do not know the exact amounts but it sure seems like a brutal winter. i am usually a huge fan of winter cause i love the holiday spirit, a white christmas and lots of outdoor activities like skiing, sledding and skating.... but being pregnant really puts a damper on my winter fun. the only activity that was approved (besides ice fishing, i guess, which is not my cup of tea...) was cross-country skiing!! yay! i love that!! a couple weekends ago greg and i got out for some fresh air & exercise. it was very fun!!!  but since then our forecast has turned for the better & we have starting seeing much warmer temps.  although the snow is not pretty white anymore, i like seeing it disappear and peaks of grass here and there. i think its safe to say we are on our way to spring and i cannot wait to see some green!!!! 

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