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minnesota friday

October 22, 2013

sorry for the long delay of posts!  i went on a wonderful two week trip to italy and london followed by a lot of catching up.  i have a lot of fun blog posts planned and in the works. i am excited to share pics from my trip and all our fall adventures before this winter comes (which is creeping up on us already!!).

last friday my sister, steph, my mom and i drove to hudson wisconsin (i know its technically not minnesota but it is on the border and was acceptable! haha)  we went to the scandinavian food festival!!!  growing up we ate lots of scandinavian foods especially sweets around the holidays!!  there is so many that i love and have no idea how to make them.  over the last couple years steph and i have been slowly learning a few things... we took a lefse class and last year made my first batch of sandbakkels!  i think on the list this year may be flatbread... we'll see!

heart shaped waffels and fattigmann.... both were amazing!! and cute!!

here she is making aebelskiver! yummmmm!!! i don't know if i have ever had these before but i loved them. the lady invited steph and i to make them with her next year. it is a doughy pancake like popover served warm with powdered sugar on top. very delicious!!!

this sweet soupy stuff is rommegrot.  on top you sprinkle cinnamon & sugar.  it was very heavy and sweet.  i don't think i could ever eat much of this.
below is my favorite scandinavian sweet... the sandbakkel.  talking to people there it seems like people eat them many different ways. they were making almond and vanilla flavored. i personally love it with a tiny scoop of ice cream right on the middle. perfection!

after eating way too much floury, buttery, sugary white goodness we were stuffed and needing to move so we drove over to the minnesota nature center to walk the trails with little bailey. it was a very fun friday!!!

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