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apple sauce

October 24, 2013

i love fall!  i love the warm autumn colors, stomping on crispy fallen leaves and yummy candles burning all the time. i think one of my favorite fall things is apples!!! a couple weekends ago steph, my mom and i made a trip up to my grandparents house.  we helped picked their apple tree and prepare the apples for freezing.  you wouldn't believe how many apples come off of one tree... i guess if you dont have any experience like me.  we picked two big buckets full of apples (getting rid of the worm & lady bug eaten or moldy ones).  at the end of the weekend we peeled, cut and froze twelve bags for grandma and divided bags for each of us to take home.  i decided to make a big batch of apple sauce with some of mine.  i love apple sauce!!! and i love the smell of it cooking in the house.

can you tell it was a bit cold and wet that day!!??? brr!!!

apple sauce is super easy!!  first you need to peel & cut all the apples you are planning to use.  put them in a big pot with cinnamon (if you want), lemon juice & if you want you can add sugar.  leave the lid on and and cook on medium/low heat.  every 5 minutes or so i check on the progress, stir it around and repeat.  it takes about a half an hour for the apples to mush up into apple sauce (with a little help from your spoon).  if you want it with no chunks you can use a potato masher or put it into a food processor.  

  starting to get mushy!! .... now its applesauce! 

yum yum yum!! enjoy!!  

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