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flower fridays

August 15, 2013

this week has been beyond perfect weather in minneapolis!!!  it is picture perfect and i was lucky enough to enjoy it on the golf course on tuesday!!!  we have had high 70s, no humidity and no rain.  amazing!!  usually 18 holes i a kind of a lot for me... i think the perfect amount of holes would be 13 or 14.  after that its gets to be 3 hours plus and i get a little antsy to do something else (or just hungry)... but on tuesday it flew by!!  i didn't start feeling that way until 16ish- 2 extra enjoyable holes is pretty good right?!?!

the flowers and the course were looking beautiful!!  i always envy pretty flowers like these!!  of course i should have been concentrating on my important golf game but i was snapping away pictures of flowers... but hey- at least i was out golfing!!  it was a very fun afternoon!!! 

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