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flower fridays

August 2, 2013

with my plants and herbs growing absurdly this summer i decided that i needed to do something to keep some of these veggies & herbs long after the plants die this year.  we have such busy schedules that we barely get to eat dinner at home together let alone eat all of these zucchinis, tomatoes and herbs that growing out of my ears.  the research began to keep them!! 

i decided that i was going to dry my first batch of basil!!  who knew this was so easy!!??? i should have done this last summer with my herbs.  first i clipped a bunch of big basil leaves.  

wash the basil well, you do not want to eat all that dirt!!  if you have a salad spinner you can definitely use that to dry them... i roll them up in a dry towel.  next i roll a bunch of leaves in a spindle & give it a brief chop so they are not whole. spread them out on a baking sheet with parchment paper underneath.  bake on 170 degrees for 2 hours or until dry & brittle.  test a couple & make sure they crumble in your fingers and are not still holding moisture. 

store in a cool and dark cupboard.  now you have dry basil to use throughout the fall and winter. 
 happy friday!!  hope you have a great weekend!! 

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