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happiest 5k on the planet

July 22, 2013

last week i did my first ever color run!!!  i knew going into it that i would be covered in paint & it get a run in... but i did not picture it the way it went.  it was seriously so fun!!!  each "k" of the 5k is a new color.  you start in complete white (our blank canvas) and take off to fun music & crazy people.  my friend Val, Steph and i went into it thinking we would mostly walk it and just have a good time... we took off from the start line with a solid jog for almost the entire thing.  we stopped here and there to take some pics and get extra paint-y.  the first paint was orange which is really a chalky dust they spray all over you and mixed with sweat & some sprinklers it all sticks and looks like we got doused in paint!  followed by blue, yellow and pink we were fully colorful by the end!!  and the finish line, which was in the grand stand at the state fair ground they had a huge party set up.  everyone counts down and throws there packet of paint in the air for one final painting.  if the color run comes to your city you definitely should give it a try!!!  i learned why they call it the "happiest 5k on the planet"

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