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flower fridays

July 18, 2013

this week i had my first lettuce salad all from my garden!!!  i used the green leafy variety & arugula.  i took my kitchen shears outside and cut what i wanted and put it in a strainer to clean off the dirt.  what looked like a little amount in the garden turned out to be a ton of lettuce!!!  i didn't realize how much green i really have out there.  i also picked the ready cherry tomatoes.  i had 5 or 6 cherry tomatoes ready to eat and many, many green ones on the way!!  it was delicious and very fun to finally eat some of the veggies i have been growing.  i also snapped a few photos of my adorable little zucchini that are on there way.  i am hoping a couple of those are ready for pickin soon too!

happy friday!!  have a great weekend friends!

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