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minnesota fridays

June 24, 2013

last fun fridays my sister, steph, my mom and i headed to wayzata to do a little exploring, shopping and walking along lake minnetonka.  since we live south of minneapolis we don't get to head that way all too often so it is fun to wander around a new area.  it was a gorgeous afternoon so it was nice to be outside!!!  first we stopped for lunch at sunsets.  it was very nummy.  then we walked along the docks and down the lake side.  hopefully this summer we can get out on the lake!!  then we made our way through all of the shops.  so fun!!

later on friday minneapolis got hit with an awful storm!!! luckily greg and i never lost our power, no trees fell  down and the worst was minor brances & leaves.  there is still people without power days later.  many people close to us lost trees but luckily everyone is ok.  here is a few pictures of lake nokomis when i went out for a run on sunday.

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