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flower fridays

June 21, 2013

peonies!!!!   peonies have got to be one of the most beautiful flowers ever.  i love them!!  i love how they come in so many colors and variations.  the unfortunate part of peonies is they bloom only once a year... for a very short time!!!  one bad rainfall and all the pedals can fall off.. they get so heavy!!  my peonies decided to bloom this week,  they are gorgeous!! i have two bouquets in my house.  good thing i clipped some late last night because we got a bad storm over night and the others are drooped over this morning.  at my house i have a light pink, bubblegum pink and hot pink peony plant.  i have to say the hot pink are my favorite but they are all stunning.  i am very envious of the white peonies my neighbor has in bloom up my street!!  maybe  someday...

when you clip peonies you always have to give them a little shake & be careful cause the teeny tiny ants loveeeee to find there way inside.  then they have a lovely new home inside!!  i did this and still managed to find a couple crawling around my sink... ish!  

happy friday!!! 

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