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minnesota fridays

June 17, 2013

last fun friday brought us to northfield, minnesota.  northfield is a somewhat small town on the cannon river southeast of minneapolis.  we wanted to walk around the town exploring, stop at the farmers market and shop down mainstreet.  it was a pretty picturesque town.

such a cute town!!  i loved how they had little sayings and quotes all over town in the pavement. 

we read the history of northfield as we walked down the river.. naturally we needed to act like jesse james.   northfield is where he famously "slipped" when trying to rob the bank and now they celebrate annually with jesse james days!

the river, weather, flowers and the town were all so pretty!  we had fun exploring a new town and finding its charm.  being a home to two colleges it had a lot of coffee shops, bakeries and ice cream shops... of course we stopped in for some ice cream before hitting the road.  yum!

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