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fathers day

June 18, 2013

sunday was a perrrrrrrfect day in minnesota!!  i had a wonderful fathers day!!  i started my day with brunch at my in-laws which was good and then hit the golf course with my family.  although laying in a swimsuit would have been fine with me,  golf was what my dad picked and it was a gorgeous day to be out!!  my first 18 hole round of the year!!  when we golf together nothing is too serious... if you want to play every shot and all the rules you certainly can or if you are getting frustrated just pick it up and keep moving.  but we all actually played the entire round this time!!  not saying every stroke was worth not picking up... i am proud i played it out.

of course 18 holes gets a bit long... so we had to jam to some music along the way!

it was a picture perfect kind of day!!  the plan was to head to my parents to grill out and eat on the deck.  right as we got the 18th hole the dark clouds rolled in,  the wind picked up and the temperature dropped!!  none of us even knew a storm was coming.. totally unexpected!!  the course had to blow the horn to tell everyone to come in quick.  we finished our round of golf & of course i had to quick snap a few pictures of the incredible sky.  it was moving so fast i could not get it all!!  we made it home before the storm... which turned out to only last about 35 minutes and we still got to enjoy our dinner on the deck!!  

hope you also had a great fathers day & did something special with your dad!! 

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