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up north

May 7, 2013

i had an a fabulous and relaxing weekend up in northern minnesota at my grandparents house. the river was open & spring is coming out.

what a gorgeous night it was on the river!!!

lots of walks!!

the lakes nearby are all still frozen so the pelicans decided the river is a better spot!! so unusual to see them around, but fun to watch!!

the men!! what a breathtaking sunset!! i tried to snap as many as i could before the sky changed. 

this seriously looks like a painting... i love it!!

very special day for my cousin, abbie! 

only at my grandma's can we get homeade apple crisp for saturday dessert... apple crisp is my favorite!! it was made with apples from her tree, so delicious! 

cousin bowling outing... very fun! although i am not a good bowler... gotta love sporting the beautiful footing attire! 

 it was a very fun weekend up north!! 

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