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memorial day weekend

May 29, 2013

i hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!! i had a fun filled weekend with a little bit of everything.

last summer my sister and i started "minnesota fun fridays" we called them.  every friday afternoon we tried to do something around minnesota that we haven't done before or for a very long time. everytime i travel i do touristy things in other people's hometowns but rarely do i do those things here.  we had a fun summer with so many adventures like paddleboarding, picnics, art galleries, and wineries.. so memorial day weekend is officially the kick off of our second summer!! since it was my cousin's high school graduation we found ourselves in northern minnesota to help get ready for the party. although not exactly the same as the food trucks downtown, we thought we had to try out the northern minnesota "food truck"  it was not my favorite but an experience- so it was worth it.

saturday was hanna's graduation party- brunch style!!  we had egg bake, large gooey cinnamon rolls, muffins,  fruit kebabs and lemon bars coming out of our ears!   it was all delicious!!  i was mostly focused on the warm coffee to wake me up and making sure the egg bake was always filled for the guests.  the party was a success and very fun to see so many relatives that i haven't seen in so long. 

yep we made that balloon arch!! the first of 3 we are making this summer for my cousin's all graduating!

sunday morning i had my first good friend's baby shower!!  it is exciting that my friends are starting to have babies.  it was a fun shower because she was home from arizona for it!!  we were all so excited to catch up with the pregnant lady and hear all that is new in her changing life.

to finish the weekend it was my favorite puppy's 3rd birthday... well not a puppy anymore but i like to call her that!!

hope you all enjoyed your holiday!!!

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