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May 13, 2013

hope you had a great mother's day! i had a wonderful mothers day weekend with the best mom, truly. friday we went shopping for flowers... flowers on flowers on flowers!! we each had our own cart full of flowers, including my grandma too. usually our tradition is to go from house to house planting my garden, my mom's and my sister's all together. this year was a little different because it was supposed to freeze overnight! thank goodness we didn't because sure enough saturday morning was frost- frost in may!! oh boy! saturday we planted my sister's pots because they could stay in the garage. but good thing someone listened to us... it warmed up enough that we could plant all of the rest on mother's day!! the tradition continues! everything is now in the ground minus my vegetables... those are going to wait until later this week i think.

i recently grew an obsession with dahlias and zinnias! the blooms are so gorgeous & colorful! i put these in my tall pots on my deck this year... lets hope it stays bloomin' all summer!!

"pretty much picasso" supertunias!! i have never seen a petunia variation like this- it looks like a watermelon! i had to pick up one to try out! 

oh yes!! the chive hair : )

that is one full car!! : ) can't wait to get planting

another tradition we do every year is walk the Race for the Cure!! it is a fantastic 5k that raises money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer organization. I love this 5k and look forward to it every year...
well this year my sister & i challenged my mom to do the run instead of the walk!! she was definitely doubtful... but took it as a challenge. she started training, running each week and sure enough!!! she ran the entire thing like a true runner!!! it was a very fun event and Race for the Cure Minnesota raised $2.2 million dollars for breast cancer research!!!! holy crapoly!!!

my mom running! 

we did it!!! yayyyy!!!!

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