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enjoying the florida sun

January 7, 2013

we are starting the year off with some much needed relaxation time in florida with the family. but since we got down here there has not been a whole lot of relaxing...we are go go going to so many activities- all fun though so i am smiling! i have been getting back into my morning running routines and it feels great to be getting some outdoor time! also taking in all of the beautiful flowers and palm trees before i go back to white  everywhere.
yesterday i kayaked in some of the back canals with my sister and mom in bonita springs. everything was so calm, the beautiful scenery reflected off of the still water as we floated through enjoying every minute- until i was completely startled by a manatee!!! i real manatee was just beneath my paddle. it wanted nothing to do with me and me the same with it. it was pretty surreal to see but i prefer it from a little further of distance. enjoy the pictures!

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