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Baby It's Cold Outside

November 26, 2013

last weekend we had a triple baby shower for our expecting friends!! and one friend, lindsey, was due in december and her baby girl addison grace decided she wanted to join us early!! i am so happy lindsey and baby addison are healthy & doing well so they could join in the festivities!!  our shower was 'baby its cold outside' to bundle up, eat some warm soup, sip on hot cocoa and feel cozy for a winter baby shower.  we had five girlfriends hosting so we put our heads together and came up with really cute ideas for the shower. it all came together so well and now its time for those babies to all join us!!

meet baby max!! he is visiting for the shower and thanksgiving holiday from arizona.  it was so fun to finally meet him!!! he is the cutest little guy with his cardigans & all his precious laughs. 

nothing better for a cozy afternoon than some hot cocoa made anyway you would like it!!  the bar was a hit!
we also made diaper "cake" snowman (or woman) for each of the preggos.  

our one and only game in girlfriend fashion was a drinking game.  you had to drink the tiny bottle down as fast as possible... filled with juice or wine cooler.  those things are wayyyy harder to drink out of then i thought!!  i definitely was not the winner!!

such a fun shower day!!! i cannot wait til all the babies arrive in the very near future!!

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