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flower friday

August 8, 2013

this has been an interesting week for my little garden.  i weeded and worked out in the garden on sunday and things were looking great!!!  my petunias are taking over my sidewalk,  the dahlias are blooming beautiful & my vegetables are all growing in.  i snapped a bunch of pictures for you to see!!  i love the colors and the especially the greenery.

check out these massive zucchini!!!! i decided to freeze them so i can cook some of the many recipes i have found in the coming weeks. 

then 2 days later we got hit with a bad storm!!!  thunderstorms, lightening, lots of rain and some areas got big hail!!  (we lucked out not getting bad hail damage).  tuesday night we lost power and did not get it back until the middle of the night.  i was definitely glad i had candles around the house!!  the next morning i was so disappointed when i looked outside... my garden was all tossed around from the wind, we had tons of leaves & sticks everywhere, and dozens of little cherry tomatoes (green & red) fell off of the plants  :( so sad!!  here are my pictures of the 'after' 

i hope everything can bounce back and look pretty once again for the end of summer!!  
i will keep you updated!!  until then,  have a great weekend!!! 

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