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strawberry picking

July 3, 2013

yesterday morning my sister and i decided to go strawberry picking!! since we don't get a minnesota friday this week due to the holiday & she is going out of a town for a wedding we squeezed in some minnesota fun on a tuesday!!  i did a little research to find a pick-your-own strawberry field and found out this week they are open early or late... so we went for early in case they might get "picked out" by the time we could get there later.  we picked up our big starbucks and buckled our way down to the field while the sun was still rising!!  we thought it was going to be a quiet and quaint little farming field but little did we know they have a whole strawberry picking operation out there.  family members directing traffic, passing out baskets and finding you your "row" to pick down.  it was insane the amount of people already out picking before seven am.  crazy! once we started picking it became almost addicting... it was so fun!!  we were on the hunt for the big juicy strawberries.  the family told us to eat as we go... so of course we had to try quite a few along the way, yummmmm!! definitely worth it!!  i sang strawberry fields foreverrrr and we picked away!!

what a perfect morning!!! i cannot wait to eat all these strawberries!!!  some for a strawberry rhubarb pie for the 4th, some for just eating and a lot to freeze for whenever.  yum!!! 

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