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minnesota fridays

July 1, 2013

last minnesota friday my sister and i decided to head downtown for some food truck deliciousness and putt putt!!  it was quite the overcast day so we thought the poolside idea was no longer the best choice.  i am glad we changed our minds because it ended up being a lot of fun!! the food truck craze hit minneapolis a couple years ago but i feel like last summer was when it got super popular.  without working downtown i only get a handful of times i get to try new trucks!!  this time we decided we had to try az canteen!  this is andrew zimmeran's truck... you know that guy that will eat anything on bizarre foods!! yeah him!! he is a local minnesotan and i love following all his minnesota to-dos.  he also has food at target field but not the same as his truck.. it was a little different take on the staple summer food.  i had a hot dog and steph had the hamburger.  my hot dog had homemade mustard on it that had a very strong bold taste topped with homemade slaw. it was delicious!! the bun was crisped up on the burner beforehand and i love mustard so i really liked the strong taste. both came with homemade sweet pickles.. ehh take them or leave them.  overall az canteen was a hit!!

next we hopped over to the minnesota sculpture gardens where this summer only they are featuring putt putt!! they had a bunch of local artists & sculptors design and create each hole for the course.  it was so neat!!  each hole has a little write up about the inspiration and the piece along with who made it.  i am glad we got over there to check it out this summer!!  of course we had to walk around the walker art center to see everything .. .you know ..while we were there!!

^^ i think the sky cleared just for our pictures!!! this looks like a postcard! im lovin it^^

this hole was so cool!! it had a miniature sculpture garden inside a giant golf ball!!  

gnome pinball hole.... whaaaat!!?? yes! 

what a fun friday!! 

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