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flower fridays

June 7, 2013

this early summer has been all about our new landscaping project for greg and i.

when we bought our house in 2010 the previous owners had a border around the house filled with rock and a rare few hosta.  there definitely was a lack of shrubs around our house.  it looked very bare with just siding meeting the rock.  blah!!  so we have been talking about re-doing everything... extending the border out a foot so the plants have more room to grow,  adding a lot more plants,  putting down a new border and adding mulch.  yay!! it doesn't sound like that much work... i was wrong!  it is!  last fall we shoveled all of the rock and moved it out... that was a job on its own!! and an arm workout.  once the snow melted we had the great view of edging with no filler... a lovely sight.  memorial day weekend was our time for work!!  greg and his dad spent many hours cutting out the sod where we would be extending the border to and removing that.  from the sounds of it, it was not light!! meanwhile i took a trip to the local greenhouse to pick out all of the plants i had my eye on with my sister.

this greenhouse was massive!!! it had so many plants to choose from.  i prefer lots of different plants, i like the mixture of colors, textures and leaves.  and i am also a big fan of flowering plants or plants with blooms.. i think they are so pretty!!  obviously with some greenery too.  in the picture above is an orchid lights azalea.  i had read good things prior to the trip about azalea's and when i saw it in person i was kind of surprised in the lack of leaves... it is very "sticky" looking.  i bought one though!  why not give it a try?!?  i love the pink!

carts full!!! one of the employee's snickered at us for each using a cart... good thing we did because they were full! i got so many great shrubs like ivory halo dogwood, aglo rhododendron and red sentinel astible

my car was packed!!!! so many shrubs!!!! 

next we put a string around the border so we knew where a straight line would be and got to work!!!  i dug out a trench while greg started laying sand & pavers. 

after the paver border was done... which took forever long... greg tilled up the dirt again.  this loosens it up, mixes it and breaks any remaining weed roots that might still be in there. 

 time to plant finally!!! : )  

i put everything is great spots.. and then rearranged again..  but i finally got each one in a spot i liked it.

that was it for the day because it was a full day of work and we were so muddy from the rainy mist coming down on us!!  we definitely put our easter basket gardening gloves to the test!!!

then last saturday when i was gone greg did the first batch of mulching!!  i think it looks fabulous!!  i am so happy with how everything is turning out!!  i hope now i can keep all of shrubs from not drowning in all of the rain we have been getting & continue to grow all summer

i hope you are enjoying your friday in the sunshine!! have an awesome weekend!! 

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