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March 29, 2013

welcome back!!
as you can see i have been gone a lot of march to get this beautiful blog makeover. thank you ainsley!

now i have a lot of updating to do!
st pattys day came and left. my amazing college roommates came to visit minnesota. we had so much fun drinking a lot of green beer in st. paul, making my first corned beef and catching up with a lot of laughs.

finally we are all reunited!!! <3 them to pieces!! 

my handsome man sporting his irish hat we got in ireland on our honeymoon.. and then of course the corned beef, cabbage & mashed potatoes. i admit i was a hesitant to try it but it was good! maybe a new st pattys tradtition in our house? we made it in the crock pot too, so literally no work

i am still working at my calligraphy! check out how much better it is looking. last week we learned the fancy majescules (or swirls i call them). they make my letters look so much prettier! i cannot wait to learn the lower case majescules so the whole alphabet comes together. and of course we had to get punch pizza before calligraphy again... so amazing

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