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calligraphy date

February 13, 2013

last night my sister and i started our new adventure of taking calligraphy class. it is so pretty and we just both wanted to learn. we are taking a beginners course through the community ed. last night was the basics of the formal italics alphabet, it sounds so fancy... and it is! i did not realize how precise calligraphers were in the shapes, angles and 'wedges' they make with each letter. my letters do not even compare at this point, but i am excited to learn!! we have not learned the fancy additional curves & swirls that really make up the beautiful look of calligraphy. i think we will start that next week when we get to start with ink!  before our class we went out for some yummy pizza at punch! it is one of our favorite spots in st paul. 

i cannot wait to learn new alphabets and fancy tricks so i can soon address cards like this and make beautiful things!!! i am in envy of every gorgeous paper product like this! this is my inspiration for the next week to continue practicing until our next class... 

these photos are from pinterest, originally from oh so beautiful paper co. 

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